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Chapter 6
A Boy and his Blanket

Arthur shoved the boy out of his way. The boy’s frame collapsed onto the wooden floor of The Box while Arthur’s hand swiftly sprung upward to perfectly grab the handle of the black banged up sword that was thrown. “What are you thinking?” He said to Lord Casmo and Miggty, full of rage.

The Lord and his guard were completely silent. Lord Casmo turned his head and nodded at the other two guards not too far away. They straightened their backs and marched right over.

“Huh?” Arthur urged for a response.

“Goodnight Arthur and Gwen. We’ll see you in the morning.” And just like that, Miggty and Lord Casmo left. In their place were the two guards, Sham and Hunt. They were known in the village as relatively quiet young men whose only basic sole purpose was to serve Lord Casmo.

“Come on guys, let’s call it a night.” Sham said to Gwen and Arthur. He held his spear firmly and thumped into the snowy ground a couple times, as if to signal ‘chop-chop’.

“I can’t believe it.” Arthur shook his head in disappointment. He could see the fear in his wife’s eyes. He could tell her heart was thumping hard. “Come on!” He boomed at the boy. “Get up, now!” Somehow, he was able to catch the banged-up sword while holding the lantern. And now, with an extended finger, he tried to get the boy onto his feet. “Get up damnit!” He cursed.

Breathing a little more calmly, knowing that everything was back under control; Gwen kneeled and tried to gently nudge the boy up. With her husband’s help they were able to get the boy back up onto his wobbly feet. “Walk!” Arthur ordered. The boy stumbled forward again, almost collapsing.

“Need…uhhh…help?” Sham asked half-heartedly, not wanting to handle the boy at all.

“No, we’re good,” Gwen said to cover their pride. Her hair lied over the boy’s head as she tried to awkwardly adjust his position to make it easier for them to handle his weight. Arthur handed her the black banged up sword and the lantern. She stood there only for a moment before taking them. With free hands, he was finally able to take control of the puppet-like boy, firmly grasping the rope that bounded the puppet’s little hands.

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