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Chapter 7
A Man and his Sword

Lompt was taken aback by this horrifying reaction from his subject. His hands itched for the dagger on his belt. The boy just stared at him, seemingly bloodthirsty and most importantly, seemingly fully conscious. “This isn’t supposed to happen…” Lompt gulped.

Arthur and Gwen held each other tightly, both of them unsure on what to do.

The crackle and the hissing from the lantern softened as the flame died down.

“It can’t be helped, I need to take him out of the mesmerism,” Lompt whispered to himself.

“As such,” the boy hissed. He got to his feet and held his arms out. “You NEED TO DIE!”

“On the count of three, you will awake from this mesmerism!” Lompt announce. “One,” he began as swiftly as possible, yet still making sure his rhythm matched that of the crackling lantern. The boy rolled his fingers around one of the poles in the ground.


The boy lifted it out of the ground with ease. Everyone gasped, how did he do that so effortlessly?

“Three!” Lompt snapped his fingers but the boy took another step forward and pointed the pole at Lompt. The magnet that was loosely held in the stalky bald man’s hand flung toward the pole and stuck to it.

“Isn’t he supposed to be awake now?” Arthur said nervously.

At that moment Lompt didn’t know what to think, if the boy was indeed already conscious or in a different state of mind altogether. Whatever it was, he could see the deep anger and ascertain evil written in the boy’s eyes. “Hunt! Sham!” Lompt called out for the guards.

The boy took a strong balanced stance, aiming the pole directly at the mesmerist. Lompt took out his dagger.

“I’m sorry, there’s no other choice,” the boy said deeply.

“The point!” Gwen exclaimed, quickly noticing that the sharp end of the pole was not pointed at Lompt at all, but at himself!

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