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Chapter 7
A Man and his Sword

He saw the strange slightly bald man put all the poles down into the floor. Next thing he knew, the man was swinging this stone in front of his eyes. Back and forth, back and forth. It happened countless times before his eyelids felt heavy and he felt as if he was falling. 

“You are now mesmerized,” the bald man had said. At that point, his vision disappeared. Yet, he could still remember the words he said. He was also aware on how his mind was processing everything else, the hissing and crackling of some sort of thing, the way the bald-man’s voice changed, the way everything seemed to have a rhythm. Over and over he replayed the scenario in his head. “You are now mesmerized.” Over and over he felt his body flutter upward, then fall and respond with no inhibitions or any control. Over and over he could feel the black-robed woman taking over his body, almost becoming her himself. What was this ‘mesmerism,’ he questioned amidst the dream repeating itself.

In his mind, the dream was played for the 30th time, and then some more. However, around the 50th time there was one incident that was totally different. “You are now mesmerized.” The bald man had said. Though this time, he saw a flash of white light from within the darkness that startled him. He could see a white glowing silhouette of a man standing over him. He quickly reacted. He opened his eyes, grabbed the black banged-up sword that was under his pillows and fully awoke to his sword clashing against Arthur’s.

There they were, blades clashed against each other. Their eyes completely locked at each other.

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