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Chapter 8
A New Soul

“What are YOU DOING?” Gwen stormed into the room furiously. The sight of her husband’s sword interlocked with the boy’s brought her blood to a boil, totally infuriating her to more than she could stand.

Arthur couldn’t take his blade away from the boy’s black banged-up one. It was as if there was some magnetic force that kept the blades together.

“Stop this RIGHTNOW,” she warned.

Arthur couldn’t. He could some hidden bout of evil through the boy’s dark eyes. It wasn’t obvious, but it was there. Quickly, Arthur adjusted his grip and angle of sword and lunged it downward. Somehow, the boy moved out of the way in that instant. The boy swiped Arthur’s sword aside before it slammed into the flooring. Not letting up, Arthur changed direction and lunged forward, forcing the boy up on his feet and stumbling backwards.

“STOP IT!” Gwen screamed.

Arthur made another swing. The boy blocked it, regaining his footing, and using Arthur’s momentum, caused Arthur to over swing. The boy then lunged toward Arthur’s chest. Arthur jumped backward and pounded the boy’s sword out of the way with his. The little guy was quick, he thought. He stepped forward and clashed against the boy’s blade again. They spiraled their blades around, trying to swirl it out of each other’s hands. They remained connected. There was no way for Arthur to use his taller and heavier frame to his advantage. The boy was always moving around fast!

Suddenly, there was a BANG followed by a sharp deep throbbing pain in Arthur’s back. He felt the grip of his sword loosen against his own will. The boy noticed this and swung his sword against Arthur’s, causing it to fly to the ground. The boy then lifted the black banged-up sword and pointed it right at his Arthur’s neck.

“PUT IT DOWN!” Gwen stomped her foot.

The boy had a focused look of anger and hatred, as if he was going to run that sword through. Arthur gulped and didn’t budge one bit. He was at that boy’s mercy. The boy’s look quickly disappeared into the usual blank one as his eyes met up with Gwen behind Arthur’s shoulder.

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