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Chapter 8
A New Soul

Slowly, Arthur picked himself up to stand straight. The boy lowered his weapon. When he saw the broken pottery at his feet he looked toward his once beloved wife and said, “You hate me, don’t you?” Tears were rolling down his eyes. He felt like he was literally stabbed in the back by his own one and only loved one. Not only was it humiliating to him to lose his sword against a boy, but to realize that his wife almost had a part in the taking of his life, he was livid. He turned toward the boy. The little guy still had the sword hanging beside him, as if surrendering.

Without taking his eyes off the boy, he picked up his sword. They stared at each other as he slowly slid the sword back to his side. At any moment, a flinch or a subtle movement would cause an outburst of attack with the only consequence being a question on who was the first aggressor. Arthur could see the boy’s dark unwavering eyes, there was still something evil behind them. He felt it and sawit. Eyes were said to be the window to the true soul and Arthur could feel it deep down inside, that something was deeply unsettling within the boy.

Once he got his sword safely in his grasp he took a few steps back to what seemed like a safe enough distance to sheath it. He took one nerve-wrenching gander at his wife. She couldn’t even look at him. She, herself was in disbelief on what she had done.

There was a knock on the door.

Arthur stormed to door. In a sense of déjà vu Lompt stood there with his arms full of filled black bags. He let himself in.

“Hi Lompt?” Gwen questioned, confused on why he was there.

“I’ve been ordered to do a follow-up, didn’t you-“ he looked toward Arthur, wondering if the news was passed to her. Decidedly, and rightfully so, he stopped on what he was about to say to prevent any sort of possible trouble. He looked toward the guest room. “Ah, well, we’ve finally warmed up to him, didn’t we?” He smiled at Gwen.

“By GOD!” Lompt dropped all of his stuff as soon when he noticed the boy holding the black banged-up sword.

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