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Chapter 9
Being Fine

Fine, pale skin, dark short wavy hair with sky blue eyes was always considered the village’s smile. The village, without realizing it, always gave superlatives to certain individuals who represented one characteristic or another for the village as a whole. Whether it was for fun or to keep the villagers active and competing, it wasn’t really known. It just was.

Rook was the big buffoon, Arthur became the well-rounded individual, good at simply everything, Tises was the city’s arm with of course his bulging biceps. Lord Casmo was the eyes and so on and so forth. Women had titles as well, Gwen being the fairest of them all.

What made Fine unique was his sense of humor in the way it wasn’t too direct. It was smart, witty and warm. Whereas there were a few strong personalities amongst the villagers, Fine always brought a balance peace and happiness with him.

People would often find him smiling at the beautiful joyous day, pointing his bright smile toward the sun, or simply smiling at other people with a calm wave of his hand. He was a warm body that people enjoyed being around, a loving soul that everyone cherished. Even Rook, though un-admittedly, would find peace and comfort with him around. It wasn’t that people sought his attention, but more like a feeling of gratefulness and utmost calmness when he was around. No one ever had the feeling to shoo him away.

He grew up on the South West Point of the village to two loving parents. His dad had the wavy dark hair and his mom the beautiful sky blue eyes.

He was a single child who definitely wasn’t the most spoiled, nor did he act like it. He would do all the normal things children would do in the village. Play dodgeball, play a village game called Upsy involving sticks, go to school under Miss Mary’s own mother, came home and played more with his parents.

Perhaps it was the fact that both of his parents wore their hearts on their sleeves and presented themselves with smiles that made his own ever more brighter. Perhaps it was the positive outlook that the two had upon him that gave him such a soft unique sense of humor. And maybe it was both of their bright minds that gave him the smarts and accuracy needed to be an archer.

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