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Chapter 13
Foreboding Warning

“SHUT IT! SHUT IT!” One of the guards screamed desperately. The horror was right before them flowing right into their blood. And they only needed to catch a glimpse of Kranus Granj, head down with a devilish smile before they nervously sealed the slates back up, and locked it. It all happened so fast that they didn’t get a chance to truly see what was carved into the walls behind him.

Meanwhile, the other villagers exited the house. They stumbled onto the, crying, sobbing and screaming. “No! WHY GOD, WHY?”

The two guards of The Box finally sprang into action for their fellow people. Even though their duty was strictly to tend to The Box, something else was brewing and they couldn’t stand to just watch. They quickly went to the old woman kneeling in the streets, praying to the black starry sky, “WHY, OH WHY? WHY GOD,” She sobbed so violently that her vocal chords could hardly keep up, her breath fiercely escaping every moment. “NOOO!!” She screamed.

Arthur, even from far away could hear the echoes of the cries and desperation. The other unknowing villagers woke up. Candles were being lit at every corner, through every window. Each house started its faint glow.

Once again Arthur had lost track to where the assailant went. Without much hesitation he decided to go to one place and only one, Tises’. This time around though, he didn’t even have his sword. The bow would have to suffice, he thought. Plus, he was better dressed anyway.

When he got to Tises’ door he noticed the two vigilant guards in front of it. “By the order of our Lord, we need Tises.” Arthur lied, speedily motioning them to get out of the way.

The guards looked at each other, perplexed, thrown off from the seemingly hasty Arthur and the bow he was holding. Wasn’t he a swordsman? As soon as the guards opened it Arthur barged in, took his bow and readied it against the large-biceps man who grimaced back after taking his jacket off.

“What is this? Arthur? What’s going on?” Tises’ wife, Lindy pleaded. She put her hands horrifyingly over her mouth, gasping for whatever sense of reality she could.

“Where were you?” Arthur growled.

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