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Chapter 11
Obscure Unrest

“What do you mean?” Gwen asked, totally horrified. She felt her heart thump wildly at the possibility that his Mother was back. Ever since that day, hell had reached the village.

The boy uncontrollably slumped all of his weight against her. His breathing became shallower and his eyes began to flutter until they were completely shut.

“Meril!” She screamed helplessly.


“I…Will…NOT…STAND…THIS!” Arthur swung his sword violently back and forth, clashing against Tises’ enormous strength. There was a reason his biceps were so large. The village would even often discuss about him even going up against the Big Buffoon.

“AGH!” Tises roared and swung his sword forward, a fatal blow towards Arthur’s forehead.

With his feet already numb, Arthur took no hesitation to shuffle backwards on the ice cold ground as fast as he could before adjusting his body for another swing.

“TISES!” Lindy, his wife, screamed out, followed by her son and daughter.

“Pops!?” The large boy named Heath said from within the darkness of the night.


Arthur felt himself being pushed farther and farther back. “WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS?”

“ME?” Tises screamed. “IF I WERE YOU I WOULD ASK THAT SAME QUESTION BEFORE THIS, YOU IDIOT!” He flung his sword forward, feinted and then went low for Arthur’s waist.

Arthur shifted aside, dodging it. It was then the sound of horses clopping sped up toward them.

“I WILL END YOU!” Tises growled.

Arthur felt more and more helpless. He was outstrengthed , and the fact he had no boots on didn’t help at all. His movements were becoming more and more sloppy as he shifted his weight from one side to another, and attempted to counter.

“WEAPONS DOWN!” Ordered a man on a horse. Arthur took a few more steps back before dropping his sword. They were completely surrounded by 5 warriors on horseback.

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