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Chapter 2
Sword in the Rough

Arthur!!” A beautiful fair-skinned woman screamed frantically as a man barged into their own home with a large gash on his forehead. “WAIT!” She pleaded.

Arthur stumbled into the house holding his forehead and knocking over the chess set that he and his friend had been playing for 4 weeks now. The worst part of it was that the game was almost done, he had seen the game ending in his favor.

On his way into the bathroom he tripped over himself but managed to regain his balance when his hands quickly found one side of the door frame. His lovely wife dressed in purple followed swiftly right behind him.

'What happened? What's going on,' she thought. She tried to affectionately take his hand to calm him down. However, he had already lunged for the large barrel of water standing next to the tall mirror. While kneeling over the barrel he tried to reach for a rag that was hanging by the mirror but couldn't quite reach it. She grabbed it for him. “Please,” she whispered in her calmest demeanor, trying to diffuse the intensity that had just exploded into the house. She dipped the rag into the water and slowly pressed it against his forehead. The blood trickled down Arthur's face, around his eyes, his nose, right down to his chin where it dripped onto the ground ever so steadily.

“Damnit!” He grimaced in pain, closing his eyes tight. He adjusted his knees to try to get himself as comfortable as he could. His eyes felt swollen. He dared not open them as he felt his salty sticky blood mix with the fresh water rolling down his cheeks.

“Are you okay, my dear...?” the blond woman whispered as she tried to comfort her dear husband. She wrapped her arms around him and guided the back of his head onto her shoulder. She continued to press the wet rag tightly against the wound.

Arthur breathed heavily. His nose began to stuff up and his lungs began to take deep wallowing breaths. “I messed up the game, didn't I?”

The woman, named Gwen, could barely give a chuckle. This was not the time to think about the stupid Chess game. This was an instant in time when it seemed like Armageddon or Judgement Day had come right through the door. Or, far worse...

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