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Chapter 4
The Chosen Ones

Arthur clenched his fists tightly and closed his eyes in disappointment. “Why...Gwen...? WHY,” he roared. Everyone else was just about done strategizing. However, between Arthur and Gwen, the strategy didn’t make any sense. Give the keys to themselves?

“I don't know how we can treat any person's life as a game...let alone a boy's,” Gwen whispered. She looked as determined as ever. “But...I'm going to trust you.” Arthur opened his eyes to his wife’s large brown almond-shaped eyes. “We are going to win the keys and give them to ourselves.” She repeated and paused for a moment. “What happens to the group receiving the keys?”

That's right, Arthur thought. His eyes widened in realization. He was surprised. His wife was actually following his ideas the entire time. There was only one slight twist. They would pick themselves to receive the keys when they would win a challenge. At that point they would be able to know whether a key was a dud or not. Yes! If they were able to conjure up a winning streak they could totally have the knowledge and control of the entire test. Not only would they be able to identify the correct keys, but they would be able to give them out when they wish, dependent of course, on them winning. Yet, there was even one more caveat to all of this. They were known as the couple that loved children but didn't have any. Therefore, they were automatically targets for receiving keys. They could potentially dominate the entire game in receiving the most keys.

“I love you hunny!” Arthur cracked a smile. “You surprise me all the time.”

Gwen didn't show any emotion, nor did she say 'I love you' back. Deep down inside she was mixed with many different ideas, like whatever happens, happens for a reason. She also thought of Lord Casmo's connection to God as a prophet. And of course, she imagined of the beautiful wishful dream of having a little one running around. “Let's just get this done and over with.”

Noticing the turmoil in his wife, Arthur didn't press her any further. “Right!” He agreed.


The adults of the village surrounded the competition arena which was set up into five large stationed areas. Kids went back to their normal schooling and play time schedules while their mothers curiously checked in every once in a while on the progress of their friends, loved ones and fellow comrades.

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