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Chapter 1
The End is Near

So this is the beginning...

Or, is this the end?

Is this my life? A fleeting moment? No memory, no connection, no feeling...Nothing...but an irrelevant heart beat?

The boy ran onward with just his heavy, hard-thumping heart pushing him. His little legs whipped back and forth slashing through the gray grass. The cold air of a nippy oncoming winter wisped against his cheeks. Yet, all he could simply feel was the thumping of his heart. BA-BUMP. BA-BUMP. It wasn't out of fear though.

He stopped in an instant, letting his feet slide below him and pushing a cloud of dirt into the air. He turned his head and gazed his dark brown eyes into the distance. She's coming, he thought. He took a deep breath of the cold, stingy air into the lungs belonging to his four foot four frame. He slowly lurched his right hand fingers around the handle of the black 12-inch banged-up blade that was under his belt, daring himself to pull it out.

The sound of a horse's click-clocking came nearer and nearer. Run, the boy thought erasing all possibilities of his own dare. He flung his feet around into another sprint. Run...Just, run!

In his mind, he couldn't figure out if he was truly afraid or just smartly running from an impossible duel scenario. He was truly at a crossroad in his deeply unsettled yet bizarrely void-of-emotion mind.

He hardly had any relevant memories or any true feeling that may have connected him to a story of the past or any other persons for that matter. He merely just ran as fast as his little legs could grasp the ground to push him forward. He ran so fast that his dark scraggly black hair constantly blew back horizontally, unable to keep up. He took a heavy breath when he turned into a small forest full of gray and leafless trees. He hopped over a fallen log and continued as fast as he could, avoiding large branches here and there and the occasional thorn bush.

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