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Chapter 12
The First Passing

As much as Lord Casmo wanted to dwell deeper as to why the boy was so fixated on Fine’s bed and what he meant, he had to restrain himself. His mind was full of puzzle pieces broken apart and to-dos that he was mentally drowning. Not only was his connection to God seemingly severed, the village was under the code of Total Lock Down for the very first time in their history. Add to that was the last thing he heard from God, an order to protect the boy. Then there was the mysterious revival of Fine who Lompt, the mesmerist and the doctor Mick had extreme doubts about. Of course, who could forget about the two-namer, the gossip of Arthur and Gwen at each other’s throats constantly and the supposed mysterious figure or figures at the outskirts of the village? Then there was that individual who made his legs weak and his heart flutter, the beautiful woman of a family of 4, Swean. He had to fight his own ‘stupid’ urges and actions. Was this why he had lost the privilege to talk to God, because of an unclean thought, no matter how quick it might’ve been?

Back to the now and the present. It was as it was always said, “Today is a Present, Yesterday an Experience, Tomorrow a Gift to enjoy for later, so relish Today.” Lompt would be there at any moment to once again try to dive deeper into the depths in the boy’s mind. Could it be done? Would they find more answers? The mesmerist knew how to ask the right questions usually at the right time. He had been involved on many cases of children stealing, and a case of adultery. He was always successful, that is, before the black-robed woman entered the village and cursed it. Perhaps everyone was in a mode of redemption for some sort of ultimate test. What did it matter now with no connection to God?

Arthur walked past The Box, followed by the young Sham. The knocking on the wood hadn’t stopped, CLOCK, CLOCK, CLOCK, like a man softly driving in a nail.

“Shoot! Get out,” yelled one of The Box’ guards. “Shoo!”

“Where is it,” asked the other.

“So…” Sham shrugged his shoulders, trying to make conversation while eyeing the situation with The Box.

The two guards at The Box finally managed to get the bird to fly away. It was quite large, black, and definitely not anything Arthur had ever seen or heard before. The knocking was also deeper and not as fast like the clocking and knocking of a determined small one.

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