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Chapter 10
The Great Beyond

For a moment the two men just locked eyes at each other What does he mean, me, Arthur thought, sweat pouring down his brow. Everyone else around them was at a standstill. Hunt wanted to unsheathe his sword yet he didn’t have the guts to do so, afraid of what this strange man was capable of.

The man in black took a step forward. Everyone nudged a step back, except for Arthur.

“Allow me to present myself, I’m Kranus Granj,” said the mysterious man.

Arthur opened his mouth, wanting to speak. Not a single utterance of sound came out. He was too shocked and surprised. Instinctually he had so much to ask and say. But his mind merely fumbled with the thoughts.

“You are the one I saw in the distance last night, are you not?” Kranus continued.

The other warriors of the village ran forward as the women and children slowly stepped away from the surrounding circle cautiously. The 2 young guards of Arthur and his family were there. So was Tises, Milio, and even Charles.

Kranus’ dark pitch-black eyes shifted nervously to the left and to the right, knowing the shroud of animosity and threats that were beginning to surround him. “Look…first and foremost…I come with no harm,” he uttered. He slowly reached his hand to the handle of his sheathed sword.

Startled by the seemingly threatening movement all the men took out their swords and pointed their spears. Still, it was only Arthur that didn’t budge and remained in close proximity.

Slowly, Kranus unsheathed his sword, letting out a long smooth lyrical sound - SHIIIING. He then dropped the thin but great piece of craftsmanship on the ground. “See…” he signaled to everyone else. “I’ve only come to inquire about-“

“Who sent you here?” Milio snapped, moving his spear toward him.

“Now, now…is this any way to treat a guest? Is this your custom?” Kranus’ eyes met back up with Arthur’s, as if communicating silently and urging him to act. “Tell your men that I’m only a Cartographer. And I have some questions for you. I mean no harm!”
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