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Chapter 3
The Question

The room fell silent. The candles delicately flickered in reflection in each and every man's eyes. Lord Casmo was in a deep silence. Everyone just stood there to reflect on the possible severity of the situation and knowledge just obtained. “He is merely a boy,” Casmo broke the silence. He looked at the black banged up sword lying on the table. He rubbed his stubbly cheeks. “All of us were effected one way or another by that woman. Perhaps it's time for us to emerge out of the Darkness and figure out what is really going on out there.”

“That's risky!” Arthur proclaimed. A few other men shouted out in agreement.

One man waved his hand so that people would acknowledge him, “There's a reason why everyone is silent to each other, there's so much boiled up hostility. To put some sort of investigation in this matter may be better for the cause of our safety.”

“Yeah,” another man said. Yeahs echoed out throughout the hollow dark house.

“That is the issue at hand. Do we ignore the situation and get rid of the evidence? Do we let the boy go and possibly have him return with an army of those witches?” Lord Casmo asked.

“There aren't any witches...” Another man interjected.

“Listen to your Lord!” Rook frustratingly slammed his large hand on the table. His beard, which was braided swayed in front of the candle, almost blowing it out.

Lord Casmo continued, “Some of you may request to kill the boy. But a child in our world is a sacred part of life, of God. They know neither sins or have learned the deep well of morals. His mind is young and we are sure to see that woman again.” The thought of seeing the woman again caused a grin to grow on Rook's face. He started to daydream about their next meeting while the Lord of the Village talked some more. “The best way to prepare for her return is to take action, not ignore. It's ignorant to think she would have died from the only inflicted wound we gave her and make a horrible assumption that she's gravely injured.” He pointed to the darkness where Fine, the only archer that connected his shot, laid. “You are all proof of what we need. However,” he looked to Rook who still had a stupid grin, “We need to know what makes you different.” His eyes veered to his other fellow men,This is a time for learning, and unfortunately it has come sooner than I ever would've imagined. But if we lose the boy, we lose something against the fight for knowledge of the Great Unknown.”

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