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The following are the terms and conditions on using WriterZWeb and YOU the user.

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  • Copyright is ultimately owned by YOU, the user as long as it is ORIGINAL and not PLAGERIZED
  • WriterZWeb is hereby liscensed to use your content on this site however it may deem fit as long as the content is used FOR WriterZWeb and NOT for the sake of the content
  • You have the right to request the removal of your content
  • WriterZWeb only hosts your content on its domain, whatever you decide to do with your content, sell, movie deals, etc is solely your decision alone without the approval of WriterZWeb
  • WriterZWeb has the right to remove content if it's deem offensible, plagerized or otherwise harmful to its community and/or users
  • WriterZWeb abides by Internet Law whereas all written content is Copyrighted by the writer upon submission
  • Users MAY NOT use OTHER (not yours) content beyond the bounds of WriterZWeb without the author's approval
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