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Chapter 4
In a Pickle

I was staring at the evil ghost who claims he’s my father. I could see his skin bubbling as the change was happening! I tried to lunge headfirst into the ghostly figure…but instead I hit a force field!

“Too bad. You’re making this quite easy for me. Sadly, I wish this would get interesting, but quite frankly, I see that won’t be happening. You can’t escape, the transformation has already begun! I’ll see you soon… IN A MILLION YEARS!”

I was beginning to feel weak. I looked down at my body… it was fading away! I raised my hand in front of my face, but only to see right through it! I felt my heart getting hollow. I saw my own self laughing at me, with a red glow in his eyes, like I’d gone mad! My body felt sad and cold, like the inside of a medieval dungeon. Suddenly, there was a bright glowing ball that came out of me! The glowing ball got sucked into the other me!

“I’ll give you one hint. I’m not your father. Oh, and one more thing. I lied about the key chain being useless. It is lucky… FOR ME!

Then, he was gone. Though as he was disappearing, I noticed that I didn’t have my lucky keychain; but it was hanging out of the back pocket of his jeans.

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What's going to happen next?

- A W R Coler on 07/12/2012 @ 03:43:51pm
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